Inst. for Adv. Studies in Culture

Interdisciplinary Research Center

IASC is an intellectual community at the University of Virginia committed to understanding contemporary cultural change. Their website, driven by an interconnected series of databases, highlights their research projects, the scholars behind the studies, and their award-winning journal, The Hedgehog Review.

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“We couldn’t have picked a better design firm to work with. Breviloquent proved well within our budget, timely, with a clear and defined process—their professionalism helped us become more professional, and not just in our thinking process. Since adding an online sales component our journal has surpassed its previous sales marks, and with their help we’ve also launched an accompanying eNewsletter that reaches thousands every month. We finally have an online look and online service that live up to our mission.”

Emily Gum | Managing Editor, The Hedgehog Review

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