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After starting with the logo for this new business, we quickly moved on to her website. She needed a site the clearly and concisely explained what she does and also drove interested parties to sign up for her workshops, seminars, and lecture series. The project included designing a newsletter template, integrating social media tools, and building a blog that has become a destination for healthcare professionals.  |  View >>

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“Working with Peter and Jim to create my website and newsletter has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. Establishing my own firm was both a simple (had to do it!) and frightening (what was I thinking?) decision. And the fact that I am the brand and the face of the company added to my determination that it be a true reflection of who I am, what I believe, and how I can help my clients.

Peter and Jim listened to my vision, heard my ideas, understood who I am and how I wanted to communicate with my audience and then delivered, delivered, delivered. Numerous clients have given me the best compliment I could have hoped for: ‘your website and newsletter are so you!’”

Kathy Rowell | Principal

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