Inter-Fraternity Council at UVA

Student Organization

How do you get 32 different houses, all with very different sets of student members, to co-exist under one online umbrella to show the strength and community service of the fraternity system? That was the challenge put to us by one enterprising IFC president. We responded with a site that allowed each house to have its own voice within a framework that clearly outlined the expectations, requirements, and benefits of fraternity life. The site soon became a model for other university systems across the country.


“Feedback has been awesome. Everyone has been thoroughly impressed. I showed it to my predecessor, as well as a good friend of mine who manages our network. He does a lot of programming as well and was just blown away. He thought that it was easily the best site of any group on Grounds, and one of the best he had seen (even commenting that the UVa webmaster, among others, would be jealous).”

David Per Bowman | IFC President

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