Lake Anna Winery

Vineyard & Winery

Lake Anna Winery makes award-winning wines in the heart of Virginia wine country. In addition to designing their logo and wine labels, we built their website focused around three areas: (1) the vineyard; (2) the wines; and (3) the destination. Lake Anna aficionados can now plan a trip around a winery visit, learn about the individual wines, and even order wines and event tickets online.

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“We were looking for a new website, but more importantly, a new logo and image to accompany our winery’s evolution to a second generation of owners, increased production and larger presence. Breviloquent gave us all of that, in a professional manner, with the knowledge, creativity and ability to step us through the process towards that goal. We are, to say the very least, very pleased with the results.”

Graham Bell | Winemaker

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