Annefield Vineyards

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The Annefield logo uses an ornate “A” rendered from a typeface found in a local devotional missal from 1867 and serves to connect the brand to the property’s rich past. The mark has an updated feel while still preserving the heritage and now appears on their wine labels, delivery truck, and second-generation website.

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“What’s it like to work with Breviloquent?

Forgive the wine analogy, but working with Breviloquent reminds me of the story of the 17th century Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon, who famously exclaimed on his discovery of champagne, ‘Come quickly, I am seeing stars!’

Over the years we’ve worked on a number of projects together, some great, some small—designing our logo, creating our website, creating marketing materials like matchboxes (yes, matchboxes), and even designing the painting scheme for our delivery truck. The result is always perfect for the application and appropriate for the message we wish to convey about our brand.

They work intuitively, which is great fun. It’s as if they are able to divine our vision and bring it into being. Distilling our intention and creating a final product that is at once on the mark and completely unexpected is exciting. Time and again they produce something that is a step ahead of the direction we suggested (or in a completely different direction) that meets our needs and exceeds our expectations. That’s the genius part, and like Dom Pérignon, who thought he was making wine but created champagne, the final result is always something different from where we started, and very special.”

Stephen Ballard | Proprietor

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