Custom Graphic Design and Branding Studio

We help clients tell their stories.

Breviloquent is a strategy + design studio bringing clients’ stories to life on the Web and in print. Our name is a real word meaning “concise” and “to the point,” with a healthy dash of eloquence. We think it’s an apt description of the work we do.

You’ve got a story to tell. Let us help. We’ll work with you to identify your goals, shape your message and then find the most effective medium to express it. Our designs employ direct language and clean, sophisticated graphics to attract and inform your audience. To get real results, we find it’s best to be breviloquent.


Jim Leightheiser

Jim has spent his career designing, creating and promoting digital solutions to real-world problems. To every client engagement he brings expertise in online strategy, product management/marketing, UI design and information architecture—skills he developed over fifteen years in senior executive positions at prominent Boston high-tech companies spanning customized information delivery, social media infrastructure, e-learning, and insurance technology.

At Breviloquent he is the primary point of contact for all client relationships, from initial contact to the final deliverable. He manages every facet of each project, making sure objectives and requirements are captured upfront and executed in the ultimate implementation. His other roles include Web production, administration & finance, and copywriting. He is adept in translating the complex into the simple, manifested in content and messaging that is direct, conversational in style, and easy to understand.

Jim received his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College, cum laude. Other resumé minutiae: he holds a U.S. patent for self-learning information profiles and his fiction has appeared in national literary magazines.

Peter Massarelli

Peter began his Web career back when Mosaic was the browser of choice and Netscape was still in pre-version 1.0 development. He started building web sites professionally in 1997 and started his own business, Massarelli Design, in January 2000. Having developed projects for clients including Delphi Forums, The University of Virginia, Fast Company magazine and William McDonough, his work has been viewed by millions of web users.

Peter has a rare combination of artistic and technical skills that serve him well in designing for both the Web and print. In addition to his online work, he has designed corporate identity systems, application interfaces, posters and books. He is an Adjunct faculty member in the Engineering School at UVA and a rowing coach at Western Albemarle High School.

He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Dartmouth College. He received a Master’s degree and a PhD from the University of Virginia. He is also an award-winning fiction author.